M2M 2020 has been cancelled
Next M2M will be October 23, 2021

With a heavy heart and a lot of thought, I am cancelling M2M 2020. I am one to push through adversity, but pushing through this puts the health of my community and my racers at risk. M2M is so much more than a race.. It is about helping each other and I just don't see how having M2M 2020 would adhere to that same spirit.

I am looking forward to better times in 2021. I hope you all stay healthy and safe.

For those of you who had reservations in Marathon, please consider transferring them to 2021 so our local businesses won't have further financial hardships. Click here to read more.

With this strain on our fundraising, please consider donating to our vision of the Marathon Health Center. It is a great way to continue M2M's incredible support for our community.

All the best to everyone!
Marci Roberts
M2M Race director



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